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Arizona sheriff releases mugshot of Donovan McNabb with no info (pic) (UPDATE)


Donovan McNabb apparently has found himself on the wrong side of the law in Arizona, but in what manner and why he was arrested at this point is anyone’s guess.

According to a tweet from @azfamily, the above mugshot of the former NFL quarterback was released by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office but little information other than “more details to come” was provided. McNabb clearly was booked into jail, but was he charged? Has he been released? What kind of “Old West” brand of archaic justice is Maricopa County using?

Very, very strange. The old saying, “Innocent until proven guilty” certainly applies to whatever the hell happened, but who knew “Mugshot released without any information” is a police practice in Arizona?

UPDATE: The mugshot stems from McNabb’s January arrest related to a “criminal traffic” case, according to the website of Maricopa County Justice Courts. A pretrial conference was scheduled for April 8 and a trial date has been set for May 16. Why his mugshot is being released now is unknown, beyond weird and a real head-scratcher.

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