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Twitter dolt thinks sister met Derrick Rose … sadly, it was LeBron James (photo)


In an horrifyingly embarrassing case of ridiculous mistaken identity, a dude on Twitter posted a photo of his sister standing next to LeBron James erroneously believing that said NBA baller — unmistakable icon of popular culture — is Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, not the Miami Heat superstar.

Granted, not everyone in the world is an avid follower of sports, much less gives the world of sport the attention yours truly (and anyone actually perusing this site) routinely does, but come on, man, it’s LeBron-freaking-James, dude.

As you can see in the below tweet (I double-posted the photo because one has to suspect that sooner or later, the guy will realize his gaffe — or, if he has, eventually care — that the entire Twitter world is mocking and ridiculing him and this gaffe deserves to be preserved for perpetuity), the guy writes, “MY SISTER AND HER FRIENDS JUST MET DERRICK ROSE DAMN SHES SO LUCKY SMH!!!”

SMH, indeed. SMH, indeed. The entire Internet shakes its collective head at this kid’s magnificently inept derp. The snarky responses to the original tweet are well worth the read.

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