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Seth Rogen pretends not to know who Aaron Rodgers is in ‘Neighbors’ promo (video)

In a cleverly executed extended promotion for his upcoming film, “Neighbors,” Seth Rogen and costar Zac Efron happen upon Aaron Rodgers in a gym. The bit for the promo, which was created to promote the film on ESPN (the pro athlete tie-in makes sense), is that Rogen has no clue that Rodgers is the Green Bay Packers quarterback, a Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP.

Instead, Rogen recognizes Rodgers from his State Farm “Discount Double-Check” commercials.

Best line from Rogen: “You’re Eli’s brother, right?” Zing.

In reality, Rogen probably does know who Rodgers is, although anyone who has made a career perfecting the art of portraying the lovable stoner doofus may in fact not be up to speed on the NFL and its superstars. Combine that with the fact that not only did Rogen agree to star in a film with Zac Efron but also freely chooses to pal around with James Franco? Well, it’s reasonable to assume the guy may have a few screws loose.