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Rob Gronkowski won’t overly Gronk it in order to make his Gronkturn Gronkier


Translation of title for those not fluent in Gronkish: Rob Gronkowski won’t overdo it in order to make his return speedier. Got it? Good.

Rob Gronkowski, who currently is recovering from surgery that repaired the torn ACL and MCL he suffered during Week 14 of last season reportedly met recently with noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, and it was determined Gronk is “right where he should be” and the New England Patriots tight end is expected to start jogging in the near future.

Gronkowski, who has been busying himself not only with the initial stages of rehab but also by filming a cameo in the upcoming “Entourage” flick, not to mention remaining in “Jacked Central” condition, has suffered a myriad of maladies between the postseason two years ago up to and throughout last season, including the aforementioned blowing-out of his knee as well as several surgeries to treat an infected forearm as well as undergoing back surgery.

With that in mind, Gronkowski reportedly will take it easy and not rush his return to NFL action, instead opting to play it safe and take a more conservative approach to his recovery.

A source close to the Gronkowski told Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that the Gronkmeister intends to “take his time and then take more time” before returning to the gridiron.

A safe, cautious approach probably is the best course of action for Gronkenheimer. After all, referencing his most recent offseason skullduggery, it’s safe to say that as far as his latest comeback from injury is concerned, a lot is at “steak.”

Get it? Steak? Stake? That’s totally Gronkable, people!