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Keith Hernandez ogles busty female fan wrapping mouth around huge hot dog (video)


With the game well in hand and little game-wise to discuss, Keith Hernandez went into full horndogger mode when SNY cameras captured a rather busty woman engorging on a hot dog during Tuesday night’s coverage of the New York Mets-Arizona Diamondbacks game.

The Mets were up 9-0 in the 5th inning when a roving camera operator locked on the woman and her escort feasting upon the famed — and ginormous — hot dogs, one of the several (see here and here) absurdly sized hot dog monstrosities offered at concession stands and available at D-Backs games at Chase Field.

Speaking of absurdly sized, Hernandez may have been referring to the woman’s chest when he let out a ogle-based “My goodness” as the woman wrapped her mouth around the mammoth hot dog. Or he was referring to the aforementioned act of the woman feasting upon the sizable frankfurter.

Either way, as play-by-play man Gary Cohen addressed the relative absurdity of a $25 hot dog and how much meat is in one of those bad boys, Hernandez retorted, “I wasn’t talking about the hot dog.” A lengthy and quiet awkwardness ensued.

The director quickly went to a shot of a vendor carrying one of the hot dogs in the concourse to get the broadcast back on track, but apparently couldn’t resist going back to the woman and her hot dog, at which point Hernandez says, “She looks fit. She must be a runner.”

Yeah, that’s what Hernandez was focusing on. That wily old horndogger. Then again, he’s Keith Hernandez. You can almost imagine him saying, “I’m Keith Hernandez. I can ogle a busty woman eating a hot dog if I want.”


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