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Facebook map reveals user allegiances in the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs


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With three games on the slate for Wednesday night and four more set for Thursday, leaving only the Detroit Red Wings-Boston Bruins series for a Friday start, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have finally arrived. The appetizer of a regular season has been served, now it’s time for the NHL to serve up the main course of playoff action, arguably the best postseason of any professional sport.

Facebook has mined its user data and determined which U.S. states and Canadian provinces pull for which of the remaining sixteen NHL teams still alive and with a shot at hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup when it is all said and done.

Overall, the allegiance of fans typically breaks down in a geographical pattern. For instance, a majority of Minnesota Facebook users (of course) root for Wild, as do residents of North Dakota and South Dakota. Texas pulls for the Dallas Stars, not surprisingly, and Ohio residents root for the Columbus Blue Jackets. And so on and so forth.

Some interesting outcomes, exist, however, especially when a team boasts more than one NHL team. For California, the majority of Facebook users are pulling for the San Jose Sharks, leaving fans of the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks in a Facebook minority.

Pennsylvania residents are more Pittsburgh Penguins fans than Philadelphia Flyers fans, at least as it relates to Facebook users. The Penguins also have a stranglehold on the Eastern seaboard in states that either do not have an NHL team or whose squad didn’t qualify for the postseason. The Pens also are favored in several Canadian provinces (more on that later). But Facebook-using Flyers fans have bragging rights in New Jersey (the Devils aren’t in the playoffs) as well as in the heavily coveted state that is Delaware.

The Colorado Avalanche boast the most states — six — including its home territory.

The Detroit Red Wings, meanwhile, are a national draw, attracting fans from sea to shining sea.

As far as Canada is concerned, despite being the birthplace of hockey, the Great White North only has one team in the postseason, the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs captured a significant portion of Canada, including British Columbia, home of the Vancouver Canucks, and Alberta, home province of the Calgary Flames.

But if you think for one second that just because their teams are not in the playoffs, the residents of Manitoba (Winnipeg Jets) and Saskatchewan (Edmonton Oilers) are going to root for a team supported by those Frenchy Quebecois, well, you have another thing coming. Surprisingly, Ontario, the home province of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs, at least among its Facebook users, are pulling for the Canadiens. I suppose after the many years of organizational ineptitude, Maple Leafs fans in Ontario simply just don’t give a rip anymore.

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