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Report: Derek Jeter, Hannah Davis dine with model’s mother and father


Call it “Meet the Parents: Captain-Style.” New York Post‘s Page Six is reporting that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis enjoyed the company of the model’s mom and dad at a dinner outing on Monday night.

Jeter and the gorgeous Davis, who allegedly took a break but have since rekindled their romance after reportedly reconciling in February, had a “lovely time” with Debi and Conn Davis Sr., as the four dined at The Lion a noted hotspot in the West Village.

Let’s just hope Jeter’s so-called “Dating Diamond” was not a topic of conversation. That would have been awkward.

In keeping with the “Meet the Parents” theme, any discussion of Jeter’s many romantic conquests would have resulted in Daddy Davis informing Jeter that he’s watching the New York Yankees captain and then threatening to bring Jeter down, bring him down to Chinatown.

Jeter and Davis, if it hadn’t been done before, now have evened up on the parental interactions, as Davis was spotted with the ballplayer’s parents at the Yankees’ home opener on April 7.

The news of the evening out with Davis’ mother and father comes smack dab in the middle of a potentially burgeoning injury controversy as news surfaced that Jeter is dealing with a nagging quad injury that caused him to miss the first game of Wednesday’s doubleheader with the Chicago Cubs. It’s also possible Jeter could miss the back end of today’s games as well.

The retiring Jeter also missed Sunday’s game against the Boston Red Sox after a scheduled day off on Saturday. Let’s hope Jeter isn’t already breaking down on his season-long farewell tour.

At least he met his future in-laws, I guess, while dealing with his most recent injury.