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Bubba Watson tips big during post-Masters visits to Steak n’ Shake, Waffle House


On Monday, the world learned that Bubba Watson celebrated his second Masters victory with a patently Bubba-esque visit to a Waffle House. Where else would a good old Southern boy named “Bubba” patronize after securing a second green jacket, the most coveted article of clothing in all of sport, in three years?

Apparently, at a Steak n’ Shake as well.

The August Chronicle reported that not only did Bubba, his wife Angie and a few others pay a visit to such off-the-radar eateries — for the stereotypical professional golfer, that is — he put his $1.6 million in Masters winnings to good use, dropping over-the-top tips at both establishments.

“He just had a simple meal. He and his group had a good time,” Waffle House unit manager Ken Knotts said.

It’s unclear from the report which restaurant he visited first, but at the Waffle House, Watson apparently dined on a double grilled cheese with a side of hashbrowns scattered and covered. While the tab for Bubba and his crew was not reported — Waffle House generally prohibits employees other than management from speaking to the media — although a waitress got the word out on Tuesday that Bubba left a $148 tip on the bill. Three employees reportedly split the sizable gratuity.

“It was above and beyond what would have normally been shared,” Knotts said. “Bubba was just so gracious about everything.”

At Steak n’ Shake, Watson and his entourage refreshed themselves on six milkshakes.

Steak n’ Shake franchise owner Preston Moss says Watson left a $24 tip on the parties’ order.

That Bubba. Gotta love the Bubba.