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Bryce Harper’s new Gatorade commercial is frickin’ weird, man (video)

Bryce Harper, if you didn’t know, is a new spokesman for Gatorade, and the sports drink really got weird for its first commercial with the young Washington National superstar.

Promoting Gatorade’s “Fierce” line of products, the marketing wizards behind the commercial explored the concept of what would Bryce Harper be like if he was made out of Gatorade? Red-flavored Gatorade, to be specific, because Nationals jerseys feature the color red. Get it? Gotcha.

Of course, the Miami Marlins, the whipping boys of major league marketing (or, if the team is not, it should be), are Harper’s on-field foils.

As Harper stands up at the plate with red Gatorade washing over his body like some kind of pseudo-Human Torch (or a melting Iceman, if that imagery works better) but with sports drink liquid coalescing around his body instead of flames, he faces the pitcher, who of course is awash in teal Gatoarde.

Clearly, red Gatorade has a purer form of convalescing power than teal Gatorade, as Harper crushes the offering from the teal Gatorade-infused Marlins pitcher.

And that’s when things get really weird … if they weren’t weird enough already.

During its flight out of the ballpark, the ball previously crushed by Harper begins to lose its cover and underneath is a mutated version of Bryce Harper, and this red-Gatorade mutated Harper is screaming. It’s quite the visual.

Frickin’ weird, man. The use of Guns ‘N Rose’s “Welcome to the Jungle” aside, as far as commercials are concerned, it’s a “home run,” wouldn’t you say?

It grabs your attention, that’s for sure. And isn’t that what all good advertising does? Although Harper’s new commercial has the added bonus of potentially causing nightmares containing a screaming Gatorade-mutated Harper inside a baseball that’s cover has been torn off by Harper himself.

Now there’s a sentence that has never been written. Nor should it have, to be honest.

(GIF via D.C. Sports Bog)