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Patriots team store celebrates Bill Belichick’s b-day with hoodie pin promo (pic)


Wednesday marks Bill Belichick’s 62nd birthday, so the New England Patriots official team store has opted to properly commemorate the day in a typically Belichickian fashion:

Any fan who purchases a “Belichick” hoodie will receive a free Belichick hoodie pin.

The hooded sweatshirts retail for $64.95 and hoodie pin probably has a suggested retail value of about a buck — or, in NFL inflation-based conversion rates, approximately $19.95 — so it’s not the craziest freebie in the world, but a cool one nevertheless.

Still, and not to split hairs here, how is the above hoodie a Belichick hoodie? The sleeves are still on it. To be a truly authentic Belichick hoodie, the sleeves should be haphazardly and clumsily cut off at about the elbow. Then it would be a true and proper testament to Belichick’s “hobo chic” sense of style.

Happy birthday, Bill. Here’s to many more, although it has to be reported that if Belichick is in the States preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft, it does not appear his cougar-esque gal-pal Linda Holliday will be around for the party. According to her Instagram account, she currently is gallivanting across Europe with some girlfriends. Poor Bill, as not having her by his side on his b-day must be a real drag. To wit:

Wowsers. Happy birthday, Bill, indeed.