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Rob Gronkowski stuffing his face with two ginormous steaks, everyone (photo)


It may be difficult for Rob Gronkowski to replicate the unhinged mayhem and good times that highlighted a typical “Summer of Gronk” of years past, the New England Patriots tight end is getting off to a quick start this spring with a couple of noteworthy appearances where he goes full Gronk on the situation.

Most recently — Monday, actually — Gronkowski tweeted a couple of photos where the burly football star can be seen double-fisting two rather large bone-in steak chops. Of course, the Patriots probably are breathing a sigh of relief that said double-fisting involves hunks of charbroiled beef and not, uh, something (or someone) else.

Perhaps the best part of the tweeted photos is in the above pic, Gronk indeed mentions in the first tweet that he is in fact “Double Fisting dem steaks!” but he also finishes up the tweet with the phenomenal hashtag, “#freddieFlintstoneGotNuttinOnMe.” Fantastic. Although that may be the first and last time anyone uses that hashtag … unless the practice of propelling one’s automobile with one’s own feet through holes in the floor starts becoming a trend.

One last tweet from Gronk’s gastronomical night of culinary and meaty delights.

Ha. Where is dessert. Such a cad.

What would the NFL offseason be be without Gronk? Between the above tomfoolery and his appearances on the set of the “Entourage” movie, including when he mugged for TMZ cameras and boasted that he’s “Jacked Central”? Well, it would be a duller world to say the least.