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Orioles eschew shaving cream pies, opt for real ones for postgame shenanigans (video)

Walloping a teammate with a shaving cream pie in order to congratulate him on a game-winning hit or what have you following a victory is so passé, at least as far as the Baltimore Orioles are concerned.

The team has given up filling up a towel or pie tin or whatever with shaving cream and then smashing it in a teammate’s face during a televised interview. Instead, the team now ensures that real pies, made with a crust made with flour, butter and ice water, along with a random filling (depending on the week) are on-hand at every home game, should the opportunity for a pieing present itself.

The Orioles enlisted the services of Baltimore’s Dangerously Delicious Pies shop to provide the dessert-turned-weapon items needed for pie-based skullduggery.

Mary Hortman, along with her husband John, are the owners of the pie shop and now are providing the team with two pies ($28 each) for each game.

The new practice made its debut on Saturday, when Adam Jones pied David Lough after his 12th inning, walk-off hit gave the O’s a 2-1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Speaking of Jones, the switchover to real pies instead of shaving cream versions stems from players complaining that the fake ones, commonly used by Adam Jones, sting the eyes.

“As much as it was fun, it was painful to them,” Mary Wortman told D.C. Sports Bog. “We figured we could help out there and send over some pies.”

But what happens if there isn’t a huge game-winning hit and/or the team loses? What happens to the pies then?

“If there’s a play that’s worthy, they’ll use the pie,” Wortman said. “If not, the guys in the dugout eat them. Every once in a while, we treat the front office.”

And the flavor of pies are on a week-by-week rotation.

“This week we had banana cream,” Wortman said. “We’ll be changing the pie we send over every week. The guys requested that. We’ll throw in some chocolate cream.”

Let’s just hope for the Orioles’ sake that a player’s hankering for eating the pie instead of getting a face-full of one doesn’t cause him to subconsciously not make a great play or have a great at-bat during the game. That’s probably doubtful. But at $28 a pop, most average folks would rather eat the pie than wear it.