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Matt Garza turns into googly-eyed madman after giving up home run (GIF)

Matt Garza had otherwise pitched a great game heading into the sixth inning in the Milwaukee Brewers’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday. He had only surrendered one run on a solo shot by Jhonny Peralta in the second inning. But things unraveled a bit in the sixth when Jon Jay cleared the bases with a three-run home run to give the Cardinals a 4-0 lead, a score that would ultimately proved to be the final tally.

Garza got himself into a mess by giving up a flurry of hits to the Cardinals. He got a great play from center fielder Carlos Gomez who relayed the ball to shortstop Jean Segura who then threw out Matt Holliday at the plate on a Matt Adams double.

But it wasn’t enough, as two men were still on when Jay stepped to the plate.

After surrendering the three-run round-tripper, Garza clearly was beside himself. As he stomped off the mound and kicked the dirt as Jay circled the bases, a look of furious anger flashed across his face before he placed his glove over his mouth and likely screamed a string of obscenities that would make the most foulmouthed cretin blush …. at least if the flash of unhinged rage that appeared in his bugging-out eyes were any indication of exactly what he was yelling into his glove before punching his mitt in disgust. For the purposes of keeping this post PG-rated, let’s just go with the belief that Garza screamed, “FILTH FLARN FLITH, FRACKETY-FRACK, GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, FARM YOU JON JAY!!!”

You know, something like that.

“The worst thing is it’s just a big-time momentum shift right there,” Garza said, via “I felt we had momentum after the tag at home, and the great plays on defense, and that [one pitch] was a back-breaker in a sense. We’re fine. We’ll come back and start a new thing tomorrow.”

Indeed. Even with the loss, the Brewers still boast the best record in the majors at 10-3.  No filth flarn flith about that.

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