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Nap time: Even Yankees fans find New York-Boston games dull and too long (video)

An average baseball game typically takes far too long. But when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox meet up, hoo boy, we’re talking an excruciating three-and-a-half-hour endurance test for fans.

One Yankees fan taking in Sunday’s tilt between AL East rivals couldn’t even make it through the fourth inning before succumbing to drowsiness spurned on by theĀ  exceedingly slow play that typifies games when Boston and New York play. The guy was completely zonked out.

Sure, it’s possible that alcohol may have been a player in this guy’s ballpark narcolepsy — wouldn’t be the first time a fan was so inebriated he passed out — but let’s be honest: Yankees-Red Sox games, while exciting overall at times, take far, far, far too long, although Sunday’s game came in at just over three hours, a virtual track meet of a ball game compared to the normal marathons that occur when these teams meet up.

Hopefully, this fan woke up in time to see his favorite pinstriped baseball team win out in the end, beating the BoSox by a score of 3-2.