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Orioles ball girl makes great fielding play, too bad the ball was fair (video)

While this Baltimore Orioles ball girl did in fact make a great play fielding a ball during Sunday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, she unfortunately has to be dockedĀ  some style points due to the fact that the ball was, you know, in play. Make that all the style points, actually.

The young lady darted to her left — still in foul territory, to be fair (I guess) — before making a nifty scoop on a batted ball by Blue Jays first baseman Edwin Encarnacion. The problem was the third base umpire ruled the ball fair. Oops.

Because of the interference, Encarnacion was awarded a ground rule double and Adam Lind was awarded third base, with the ruling preventing him from scoring on the hit. Both Blue Jays ultimately players went on to score, and odds are Encarnacion would have made it to second anyway had the ball girl not fielded the ball.

In the end, the Blue Jays spanked the Orioles, winning 11-3, so the unfortunate gaffe had little impact on the ultimate outcome of the game. That did not mean the young lady wasn’t profusely sorry for her mistake:

No hard feelings, Orioles ball girl. At least she can perform her duties competently — fielding balls hit in her direction (well, except for the whole fair ball-foul ball thing), unlike a couple of Hooters gals the Phillies had serving as ball girls during a 2013 spring training game.

[H/T For the Win, GIF via @theScore]