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ChiSox vendor drilled in ass by ball, Steve Stone says, ‘He’s got a butt burger’ (vid)

A U.S. Cellular Field beer vendor got drilled square in the hind-end by foul ball off the bat of Adrian Nieto during Thursday’s Chicago White Sox-Cleveland Indians game. If that wasn’t bad enough, and to add insult to injury — literally (there’s a good chance his ego isn’t the only thing that has been bruised) — his experience became comedic fodder for White Sox announcers Steve Stone and Ken “Hawk” Harrelson.

Below is a transcript of Stone and Harrelson yucking it up at the beer vendor’s expense (via Big League Stew):

“Hawk”: “Watch out! Boy, that got one of the vendors right in the butt.”

Stone: “Yes! He was trying to sell something and the next thing he knows…”

Hawk: “Right in the derriere.”

Stone: “…He’s got a butt burger”

Hawk: “Tee-hee-hee-hee!”

Stone: “That’s called ‘Face the field.’ “

Hawk: “He’s doin’ ‘The Penguin (Dance)’ there.”

Stone: “I can understand that. That was a shot right there.”

What a couple of goofballs, but I suppose that goes without saying for Harrelson. After all

But seriously, what in the heck is a “butt burger” anyway?

Whatever it is, it’s safe to say that the poor beer vendor became the “butt” of the announcers’ joke. No pun intended. Okay, it was.