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Nuggets’ Timofey Mozgov had career night with 29 rebounds … 93 points??? (pics)


Sure, Denver Nuggets center Timofey Mozgov enjoyed a career night during Thursday’s 100-99 win over the Golden State Warriors, but according to a TNT graphical mishap, Mozgov’s game reached epic, near-historical proportions.

According to the box score, Mozgov set a career high in rebounds — a whopping 29 — and matched his career-best in points scored — 23 of them (nearly 15 points over his season average). But the TNT graphic indicates he scored 93 points, nearly reaching Wilt Chamberlin’s legendary point total from March 2, 1962.

Being that the Internet is full of wisenheimers and smart alecks (thank goodness), folks jumped right on the innocent-enough mistake and performed some clever Photoshoperry to mock and ridicule the relatively harmless mistake.

Fantastic. The Age of the Internet, folks. Where no error, however miniscule, goes unnoticed. Once again, thank goodness for that.

(top image via the esteemed @cjzero)