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Marvel at Miguel Angel Jimenez and his subtly suggestive warm-up routine (GIFs)

Miguel Angel Jimenez, at 50, remains remarkably spry for man of his age, full of vim and vigor. Of course, some of that has to do with how well the Spaniard lives his life … soaking up every moment as he smokes his cigars and drinks his wine.

But how loose and flexible and lithe he remains on the golf course is due solely to his unconventional and subtly suggestive warm-up routine.

Of course, this has long been one of the more fascinating characteristics of what makes up the man known as “The Most Interesting Man in Golf,” but it nevertheless remains something to see.

Above and below are Jimenez warming-up before Friday’s round.

Awesome. And a bit weird. Kind of disconcerting, really.

Not disconcerting, however, is how well Jimenez continues to play. At the time of the publishing of this post, he is at 1-over and three holes through his second round. Not too shabby.

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