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Tampa Bay Lightning Kiss Cam gone done this Philadelphia Flyers fan wrong (pic)


Granted, it’s not like the Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers enjoy a bitter rivalry, nor is Tampa Bay Times Forum considered one of the more hostile arenas in the NHL, but this man deserves credit for donning the jersey of his beloved hockey team in “enemy” territory.

What happened to him as a consequence of his team loyalty, however, unfortunately has caused the poor guy some semblance of shame.

You see, during Thursday night’s tilt between the aforementioned teams, the wisenheimers running the arena’s “Kiss Cam” elected to focus its in-arena camera on this poor Flyers fan as he was chowing down on what appears to be a delicious concession treat, perhaps some kind of nachos that are so messy a utensil of some sort is required to maximize efficient consumption.

Look at that. Poor bastard. It’s not like he was doing anything wrong. He simply was enjoying some grub while watching a hockey game. Most of us would appear exactly the same should the “Kiss Cam” focus on us … while were diving in face-first into a bowl of ooey-gooey nacho-kind-of-snack. Yeah.

To make matters worse, the Flyers lost to the Lightning 4-2. The only thing worse is if the concession stand didn’t have any napkins to help the guy clean up his face afterward. He didn’t need to be likened to George Costanza at this point.

That’s just adding insult to injury.

(image via @Nicole_Thomas)