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Johnny Manziel shows off his brand new sparkly Aggie ring (photo)

Johnny Manziel may be moving on to the NFL soon, but that does not mean he won’t be a Texas A&M Aggie for life. On Thursday, Manziel posted a photo to his Instagram account showing off his brand-spanking-new Aggie ring, meaning that Johnny Football has met all the requirements needed to obtain a Class of 2015 ring. Kudos.

According to SB Nation’s Good Bull Hunting, Aggie Ring Day for the regular people that attend Texas A&M wasn’t until Friday, April 11, meaning Manziel must have got his ring bling at least one day early. Who knows? Maybe all athletes get their rings early. Probably not, though, but it’s a thought.

As College Spun notes, from the looks of Manziel’s ring, it appears he may have sprung for the largest diamond available, the 30-point bad boy, which adds only $989 for the price. Still, as a struggling college athlete, I wonder where Manziel came up with the cash for such an extravagance. Once again, who knows?