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Everybody say ‘awwww’: Joe Mauer’s twin girls make Target Field debut (photos/video)


The Minnesota Twins may have been swept by the Oakland A’s after losing 6-1 on Thursday at Target Field, but at least first baseman Joe Mauer got to enjoy the pregame festivities and likely pocketed a memory that will last a lifetime.

During a pregame ceremony, Mauer was joined on the field by his wife Maddie and their adorable 9-month-old twin daughters Emily and Maren as he received his Silver Slugger Award for being the best offensive playera at the catcher position in the American League by notching a .324 batting average last season.

It marks the final time Mauer will ever receive the award as a catcher after moving to first base permanently this season to help limit wear and tear on his body and prevent further concussions associated with strapping on the tools of ignorance.

For the record, I’ll refrain from making any hackneyed “Joe Mauer plays for the Twins and he had twins” jokes, although simply by mentioning it the joke is inferred.

Anyway, it likely was a memorable moment for the Mauer family as the twin girls made their first official public appearance. I can see it now: “Look, girls, this is where your Daddy gets paid $25 million a year to be a singles hitter!”

Oh, I kid, I kid. I’m a Twins fan so no disrespect was intended. Furthermore, Mauer is only getting paid $23 million this season to be a singles hitter. Yeah.

(image via @Twins)