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James Franklin posts nightmare fuel pic of himself as half-lion, half-man (photo)


In January, James Franklin parted ways with the friendly confines of Vanderbilt University where he enjoyed great success as head coach of the Commodores football team and moved on to bigger and hopefully better things by taking the job as head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions back in January.

Franklin always had some swagger about him (check out his Vandy business cards … he also once stated that he scopes out the wives of prospective assistants ), and his coaching acumen is unquestioned.

It’s also been said that Franklin is an incredibly intense fellow. That may help explain why he posted the above tweet on Friday in which he’s presented as some kind of half-man, half-lion, hybrid coaching beast. Weird.

Also weird? What he tweeted along with the photo: The LION has always been a part of me,waiting for the right time 2 show his face & attack,now it’s time! #PSUnrivaled”

Now it’s time for what? Hunting down an antelope or zebra or whatever and then feasting upon its warm carcass before snoozing in a grassy savannah? Is it supposed to inspire Nittany Lions football players … or terrify them?

Meet your new head coach, the “Were-Lion.”

Again, weird. Although probably not as weird as the bizarre “#ComePlayWRForTheJoker” Photoshop trip Florida Gators coach Joker Phillips took us on. That was some weird stuff, too, man.

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