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Connecticut Huskies fans in burrito heaven thanks to school’s basketball teams


UConn fans: Some of you better thank Kevin Ollie and Geno Auriemma and their players for your full bellies over the past few weeks.

If it wasn’t sweet enough for fans of the Connecticut Huskies men’s and women’s basketball teams over the past few weeks, things were a lot tastier thanks to a scrumptious promotion by a local restaurant.

Moe’s Southwest Grill, an official sponsor of the UConn athletic department with 17 stores in the region, held a “If UConn wins, you win” promotion during March Madness where the prices of burritos dropped incrementally depending on how the two teams fared in their respective NCAA tournaments.

The burritos originally go for $8, but the conditions of the promotion went as follows: If both teams made it the Sweet 16, the price of a burrito dropped to five bucks for one day after the wins. A trip to the Elite Eight? Four bucks. Final Four appearance? Three bucks. And if both teams won the National Championship? Prices for a tasty burrito dropped to the miniscule price of one dollar.

All told, Moe’s sold approximately 100,000 burritos during the promotion and a whopping 20,000 alone during the $1 deal.

“On Wednesday, they were 150 deep at our Storrs location from 11 a.m. when we opened to 10 p.m. when we closed,” said Matt Rusconi, who is a co-owner of seven of the seventeen stores, according to

Given the crazy success of both the Huskies teams as both squads won the national championship paired with the popularity of the promotion, between the normal cost of doing business and the substantial markdown for the price of a burrito relative to its cost, Rusconi reports that the chain lost approximately $435,000 on the whole deal.

Any regrets? Not one.

“It was worth it because it showed our connection to the program and introduced some new customers to our brand,” Rusconi said. “There’s a lot of competition in our space and I think we stood out here.”

Indeed. One dollar burritos will do that for a restaurant.