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Amir Johnson takes fans to Medieval Times for ‘I Roll with Amir’ party (photo)

Toronto Raptors big man Amir Johnson often has gone to great lengths to ingratiate himself to fans of the team during his five seasons in Ontario. There was the time he participated in a “Zombie Walk” in the Toronto streets. He’s thrown out a ceremonial first pitch — a terrible ones at that — at a Blue Jays game. And what Raptors fan wouldn’t appreciate and enjoy how he once donned a bizarre jersey vest thingy on the bench while sitting out a game?

His efforts have led to the development of a great bond between player and fans, as illustrated by how Johnson holds an annual party in honor of those who support him and the Raptors.

Thursday night marked Johnson’s fourth annual “I Roll with Amir” party, and the Raptors star didn’t disappoint the 70 fans who showed up … at least if said fans are huge fans of unique dining experiences.

You see, he hosted his annual party this year at Medieval Times. You know, the restaurant where one can enjoy a steak while watching a couple of knights joust and stuff?

If you are unfamiliar with Medieval Times, perhaps you recall the classic scene from “The Cable Guy” that occurs in said eatery:

Anyhoo, it was a hoot and a holler. Said Johnson about the event (via the Toronto Star): “It’s just a token of appreciation for my fans because we have the greatest fans in the world,” Johnson said before the show began, a black velvet cape trimmed with gold threads and sparkles draped around his hulking frame. “The fans are what makes our team.”

Some of the fans — about 30 of them — won a “Golden Ticket” to the event through Johnson’s social media outlets. Those lucky lords and ladies also received, in addition to two tickets to the Medieval Times event, also received “tickets to Wednesday’s Raptors game against the 76ers, a Raptors swag bag and a T-shirt and sweatshirt emblazoned with a caricature of Johnson’s trademark grin, a slightly-askew crown perched on his head.”

Johnson seems like a helluva guy. “Now come back here so that I may brain thee!”

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