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Man ‘sees’ Rory McIlroy’s face in Danish, bets $1,600 on golfer at Masters (photo)


In one of strangest reasons behind wagering big money on the outcome of a sporting event, a golf fan in the United Kingdom has plunked down €1200 (about $1,600 American) on Rory McIlroy to win the Masters after believing he saw the golfer’s face in a sweet roll.

Rob Price, 27, a college professor, noticed how the nooks and crannies and whatnot in a Danish bore a strong resemblance to McIlroy. Between that and the fact that said sweet roll is named after Caroline Wozniacki’s home country, well, how couldn’t a person drop a significant sum of money on a wager?

At 11-1 odds, Price would pocket approximately $20,000.

Price explains his rationale behind making a bet due to such a bizarre “sign,” via the Mirror:

“I couldn’t believe it when I picked up my Danish from the local bakery in Andover only to see what looked like Rory McIlroy’s face burnt into the top of it.

“I was going to put some money on Rory to win The Masters this year anyway, but I’m pretty superstitious so when this happened instead of putting €120 down, I decided to go big and put €1,200 on through my Betfair account.

“It’s got to be a sign – Rory’s face on a piece of food from his girlfriend’s home country. My mates have had a giggle and think I’m mad, but if I pocket €14,400, I’ll be the one laughing.”

Crazy stuff. And now, motivated by this story, there are a bunch of compulsive gamblers all over the Midwest closely examining a Bismarck wishing there was a golfer competing in the Masters that hails from the capital of North Dakota. Because if there were one, you know damn well some degenerate gambler would see his face in the pastry and plunk down some big money on him.

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