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Rajon Rondo takes imaginary charge, is the floppiest flopper who ever flopped (video)

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has developed something of a reputation of being one of the NBA’s most proficient floppers on the offensive end of the court, routinely throwing his body around violently despite a minimal amount of contact from a defender.

He is such a skilled flopper, in fact, that he landed on True Hoop’s 2012 All-Flop Team. Quite the honor.

He’s also proven to be adept on the defensive end of the floor as well, evidenced by this patently absurd demonstration of flopping during Wednesday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Watch how Rondo acts as if he’s been totally trucked by a Hawks player while dribbling even though no contact whatsoever occurred between him and his opponent.

Sad, really. It’s almost like a cry for help.

[GIF via Deadspin]