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Paulina Gretzky rocks white pants, already turning heads at Masters (photos)

It’s only the first day of the Masters, and Paulina Gretzky is already drawing a lot of attention as she follows fiancé Dustin Johnson around the majestic grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

Paulina was joined by Papa Wayne Gretzky and Mama Janet Jones as she made her way around the course. And much like she did in her now-infamous Golf Digest cover, she was rocking some very tight, very figure-flattering white pants. Well, “figure-flattering” insofar as pretty much anything Paulina Gretzky would put on could be considered “figure-flattering.” Because she has one helluva figure, you see.

To wit:

Anyway, it remains to be seen what kind of effect Paulina’s presence will have on how Dustin performs overall at the 78th Masters. But so far, after one round, Johnson is tied for 75th after posting a 5-over 77 as he struggled down the stretch on the back nine. Plenty of time left, though, and first rounds rarely damn an entire tournament, unless a player truly blows up, but not like Paulina’s Golf Digest cover did, but by shooting oneself out of the tournament. Which Johnson did not.

Coming back to Miss Gretzky, she was also turning heads — although dressed fairly conservatively — during the Masters Par-3 tournament on Wednesday.

Sports Illustrated senior writer and contributor Alan Shipnuck followed Gretzky around the course for a while and filed the following report about Gretzky’s response to the enormous controversy surrounding the magazine cover (via Eye on Golf):

Ha. Good stuff.

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