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Here’s LSU Tigers head football coach Les Miles kissing a pig (video)

LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles is one unique fellow with the capability of being something of a ham, so the fact that he laid a smooch on a pig recently shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, especially when it involved charity.

Get it? Something of a ham? C’mon!

The event where Miles kissed the pig was put on by an LSU student organization that was raising funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The pig’s name? King Louie. Quite the friendly fellow, that King Louie. Did you notice how he attempted to sneak a smooch from Miles before the coach was ready? Lucky he didn’t get turned into bacon. Although maybe he did…

Miles apparently has a soft spot for kissing pigs, as this was not the first time he has puckered up and smooched a pig for charity.

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