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Gary Player tells story about how Arnold Palmer once pooped on a green in Japan (video)


Seeing Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player hold court during Masters week truly is one of the greatest annual events in golf. How the three Kings of Golf get the tournament off to an official start with their ceremonial tee shots is always a highlight of the week. Who knew their presence would lead to a story about scatalogical horseplay in the Far East?

There really isn’t much that can be added to the videos that showcase golf legend Gary Player spinning a yarn about the one time even greater golf legend Arnold Palmer supposedly dropped a deuce on a green at a golf course in Japan.

As SB Nation notes, perhaps “pooping” to Player simply is another word for “farting.” Let’s hope so, because I cannot fathom the thought that Arnold-freaking-Palmer would drop trou and poop on a green.

Then again, that certainly would make Palmer that much cooler. In a gross sort of way.

It’s also possible that Player is unfamiliar with the term, “shart.” That certainly would help explain the bizarre tale.