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Guy at NY Rangers game uses phone to find out how many periods games last (pic)

A man in attendance at the New York Rangers-Carolina Hurricanes tilt at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night utilized his cell phone at some point during the game to figure out just how many periods are in a hockey game.

Clearly not a fan, this guy must have been so bored he couldn’t wait to leave the arena and just had to know how much longer his agony was going to last.

First things first: How can a person actually not know how many periods are in a hockey game? Granted, hockey may be the red-headed stepchild of American professional sports but it is astounding how one can be at an NHL game and have no clue about one of the most fundamental and simplistic aspects of the rules or standards of the game.

Second: How can one be so bored at a hockey game — arguably the most entertaining sporting events to witness firsthand — be so miserable and so underwhelmed by the athletic spectacle playing out before them that they actually have to use their smartphone to ascertain the remaining time in their evening of misery?

Third: Couldn’t he just asked the person he came with? Or if he arrived solo — which would be weird — was he too embarrassed to ask someone seated nearby?

It just doesn’t add up in any way, shape or form. Sad, sad, sad. To think that this guy’s seat was totally wasted on him and that there were hundreds of Rangers fans who would have gladly switched places with him is downright ridiculous.

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