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Burn baby burn: Atlanta Braves accidentally set American flag on fire (photo/video)


Americans love their fireworks. In fact, given our affinity for blowing crap up and firing off awe-inspiring, pyrotechnic displays on the 4th of July, one could argue that fireworks have become synonymous with generally accepted displays of patriotism.

With that in mind, the primary symbol of the Unites States of America is its flag, old Stars and Stripes, so one could venture to guess that shooting off fireworks with the majesty of the U.S. flag as a backdrop is about as patriotic as it gets. Too bad for the Atlanta Braves that the proximity of the fireworks the team blasted off during its home opener on Tuesday night at Turner Field and the stadium’s majestic flag were not a sufficient distance apart.

Yep, the fireworks set the flag on fire. A Busted Coverage reader, @JCEtheridge, managed to capture video of the flag igniting.

Yowsers. And arguably not a good omen for Atlanta’s season. You see, it’s never a good thing to set a national symbol aflame, even by accident and even if the right to burn the flag has been continuously upheld by our nation’s highest courts.

(top image via Facebook)