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A.J. McCarron takes to Twitter to defend himself over wedding reality show news


Former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback and soon-to-be NFL draft pick A.J. McCarron took to Twitter on Wednesday to defend himself over the news that the events surrounding his impending nuptials to Katherine Webb will become the source material for an upcoming reality show.

The couple reportedly have been filming some footage for the show, although the exact concept the show hasn’t been decided yet nor has a specific network signed on to air the series yet.

Still, McCarron doesn’t appreciate the flak he’s receiving online and possibly elsewhere over the recently breaking news that he and Miss Webb are not only walking down the aisle but also strolling down the tried-and-true (and silly) path that ultimately leads to reality show infamy.

His denial is implausible at best and comes off as just a tad disingenuous, wouldn’t you say? While the idea of a wedding reality show may have initially been floated by Webb (and/or her agent/publicist), how can one actively take part in a wedding, along with the planning, ceremony, etc. without taking an active part in what will be captured on video?

Come on, McCarron. Sure, he may not truly want to have his wedding and whatnot be the subject of a reality show, but in some way, shape or form he signed on to it.

Maybe it’s just hard to say no to Katerine Webb. You can see that being a possibility.