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Yasiel Puig reportedly benched by Dodgers after showing up late to ballpark


Not for the first time and given his history, likely not the last, Yasiel Puig has been benched by Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly for showing up late to the ballpark.

Puig reportedly showed up late for batting practice ahead of Friday afternoon’s game against the San Francisco Giants.

Things have not gone very well for Puig since he set Major League Baseball on fire during a spectacular rookie season. He failed to show up in the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals, posting a .227 average with 10 strikeouts in only 22 at-bats.

The offseason didn’t go too well for Puig, either. He was arrested in late December and charged with reckless driving. While the charges ultimately were dropped, footage of the arrest surfaced and the sight of Puig getting handcuffed — in pink shorts, no less — didn’t help the reportedly increasing concerns the Dodgers had for the extremely talented but seemingly immature young player.

As the monotony of spring training ebbed and flowed, reports surfaced that a team meeting was organized “to clear the air” after footage surfaced of Puig clubbing on a Sunday after leaving a game on a Saturday due to an alleged injury, something that caused Mattingly to criticize the 23-year-old in the media

This latest mix-up or scheduling snafu or whatever it was that caused Puig to show up late isn’t going to help matters, either.

As alluded to above, Mattingly has benched Puig before — although in that instance last season, the skipper allowed Puig pinch hit, during which he hit a clutch, go-aheadĀ  homer — and if the young man is unable to keep on the straight and narrow as it relates to team rules, he will do so again.

After that benching last season, Puig jokingly took to Instagram to post a photo that he did in fact show up on time to the ballpark the following day.

My guess is Puig may want to steer clear of such tomfoolery. Odds are Mattingly is in no mood for it this time.

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