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Brewers pitcher Wily Peralta takes a tumble during pregame introductions (GIF)

Have a nice trip, Wily Peralta? Gee whiz.

The Boston Red Sox held the team’s home opener at Fenway Park on Friday, so the average three-and-a-half hour BoSox game will feel even longer thanks to the long, drawn-out, pregame introductions that occur before all home openers before the first pitch.

The Milwaukee Brewers were the visiting ball club for Friday’s afternoon game at Fenway. The excruciatingly dull experience of listening to the away team being introduced and then home team rattling of all the players, coaches, trainers, clubhouse attendants and laundrymen at  least featured a comical highlight, thanks to Brewers pitcher Wily Peralta.

However it happened, Peralta took a sublimely amusing spill as he walked from the dugout to the first base line. But it wasn’t only the spill itself that was so funny, it was how it took him about 25 feet to complete the entire, acrobatic face plant. Seriously, the guy starts stumbling … and keeps stumbling … and stumbles some more before eating dirt.

Great stuff, indeed, but arguably not as funny as how ESPN’s Joe McDonald characterized the scene.

Haha. Took a huge dump. It’s funny because that is another way to refer to pooping. Get it?

Seriously, had that happened, too, and Peralta literally took a dump? Well, that wouldn’t have been good. For Peralta.

[H/T The Strike Zone, GIF via @PeteBlackburn]