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Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice drilled in head by puck, stays on bench (video)


Paul Maurice is like the Timex watch of NHL head coaches: He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. During Thursday night’s tilt between the Winnipeg Jets and Pittsburgh Penguins, Maurice was drilled right in the forehead by an errant puck that flew into the vicinity of the Jets’ bench.

Maurice, displaying the gritty toughness and hockey player mentality that got him through five years in the Ontario Hockey League before his career was cut short by an eye injury, the coach soldiered on, undeterred and unfazed by the two-inch gash in his forehead.

In fact, Maurice kept in his head in the game despite being cracked in the head by a puck. He never left the bench and was treated by medical personnel as he continued to coach.

Despite a 4-2 loss to the Pens that officially eliminated the Jets from any chance of making the playoffs, Maurice still managed to crack a joke about his unfortunate experience.

Maurice, in visible pain and somewhat surly over the loss and elimination from the playoff race, when discussing the incident, reportedly said he “felt just great.”

Hockey players are notoriously tough. Add hockey coaches to the mix as well. At least Paul Maurice.

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