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LeBron James cracking jokes again about his receding hairline (photo)

See? Even the King can be self-deprecating. LeBron James reposted a photo originally added to Instagram by his wife Savannah showing the Miami Heat superstar cradling the couple’s firstborn son, LeBron James, Jr.

The sentiments expressed by Savannah in the original Instagram post for Throwback Thursday are heartfelt, sincere and touching:

#TBT Found this photo going though my room at my moms house. Can not believe this was almost 10 years ago! @kingjames please hold on to my baby! Lol! #Bronny #TimeFlies #FirstBorn

When LeBron reposted the sweetly tender moment between father and son, he couldn’t help himself, cracking wise about the once-stellar condition of his hairline, parenthesizing his wife’s comments with the following:

(That boy corners was alive back then! Good God. Lol)


Of course, LeBron’s expertly crafted commitment to self-deprecation comes on the heels of Dwight Howard’s clumsily executed April Fools’ Day joke where the Houston Rockets star amateurishly Photoshopped hair onto LeBron’s head:

Weaksauce. Boo this man.

This foray into making light of his retreating hairline isn’t the first time LeBron has cracked wise about it. He has had made jokes about his, as George Costanza once put it, “once great society of hair” on several occasions before, why not again?

As the old saying goes, “If you can’t laugh at yourself…”, uh, something something something.