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Don’t worry, Twitter dudes: J.R. Smith ain’t interested in giving your girl the pipe


New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith was back at it again on social media Thursday night, engaging some of his followers in a sophisticated and enlightening discussion regarding the relative merits of girls who follow him and the angry boyfriends who apparently cannot handle it.

You see, it isn’t Smith’s fault that some girls, even if they are involved with other men, happen to find his 140-character commentary positively enchanting.

Furthermore, Smith ascribes to the Seinfeldian theory that an extreme majority of people in the world are undateable.

Otherwise put in Smith’s words, why go after women he doesn’t want when he can have what he refers to as the “pick of the litter”?

So, take solace, Twitter dudes. Even if your girlfriend is interested in hooking up with J.R. Smith, he would never lower himself to asking them if they are “trying to get the pipe,” a now-legendary term once employed by Smith in a chat with a woman, who apparently is not one of the 9 out of 10.


Fantastic. Never gets old. Although odds are this kind of stuff isn’t what Knicks president Phil Jackson was referring to when he said Smith could make the Knicks dangerous in the playoffs. Actually, it’s an absolute certainty.

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