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How did Giannis Antetokounmpo go coast-to-coast in 3 dribbles? He traveled (GIF)

At first look, the play in which Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Giannis Antetokounmpo made during Thursday’s loss to the Miami Heat is stupefyingly amazing. How else can a play in which he required only three dribbles to travel 80 feet and finish at the rim with a layup be explained?

Upon closer inspection — or a casual glance — the reason is simple as to how in the heck Antetokounmpo managed to go coast-to-coast using only three measly dribbles.

He traveled, that’s how. Plain and simple.

The tremendous amount of ground he covered while actually dribbling was indeed impressive. But when he picks up his dribble — at the top of the key, mind you — and then takes at least three steps — and that’s a generous estimation — before finishing at the rim? That’s traveling, kiddos. In no uncertain terms, man, that’s textbook traveling.

Obviously, a ref actually blowing the whistle on a traveling call is a relic from a bygone era when the rules governing traveling were enforced. Countless traveling calls go uncalled during a typical NBA game.

The NBA did modify the rule before the 2009-10 season to allow two steps, but Antetokounmpo obviously took more than two steps.

So, that’s how Antetokounmpo managed to go coast-to-coast in only three dribbles. He traveled.

Either enforce the rule or get rid of it.

[GIF via SB Nation]