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Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez sits due to chewing tobacco-related illness


Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonalez was back in the lineup Thursday but left Wednesday’s tilt against the Miami Marlins due to illness. Later, it was learned that not only was he suffering from dizziness and dehydration, the fact that he swallowed some of his chewing tobacco may have contributed to CarGo feeling a little bit under the weather.

Of course, despite Major League Baseball’s best effort to rid the sport — or at least hide it from public view — of players using smokeless tobacco, chew, taking a dip, what have you, many of them still do. Gonzalez apparently experienced some of the nauseating effects of what can occur when the dip placed in between one’s cheek and gum gets dislodged and ends up making its way through one’s digestive system.

Rockies manager Walt Weiss, who chewed back when he played, mentioned the unfortunate consequences of swallowed chewing tobacco on Thursday.

“I talked to him last night after the game and he assured me he was fine and was going to be all right, so it’s a nice name to write in a lineup,” Weiss said, via “He might’ve swallowed some dip or something. He landed hard, knocked the wind out of himself, swallowed some dip, dehydration, all those things were factors.”

Indeed. All the things mentioned likely were factors. But the swallowed dip probably played the biggest role. Nasty.

Still, Gonzalez only has himself to blame for his habit. Had he opted for a less objectionably flavored option, say chewing gum, for instance, when he landed hard, he would have …¬†uh …

Well, he may have choked to death. So, yeah.

[H/T Big League Stew]