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Russell Westbrook’s underwear line resembles what ‘The Riddler’ might wear (photo)


Some people may look at some of the outrageous outfits Russell Westbrook routinely dons and believe him to be a fashion-forward trendsetter. Others, meanwhile, may take a gander at the goofy getups the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard wears and figure he’s not fashion-forward but fashion-backward, almost to a comical degree.

To wit:

 russell-westbrook-kevin-durant-postgame-outfits russell-westbrook-leather-shirt westbrook-durant westbrook San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Three russell-westbrook-urkel

Yeesh. Given his affinity for, uh, unique takes on contemporary men’s fashion, it will come as no surprise that Westbrook’s new line of underwear for Kings & Jaxs is as original and interesting as the NBA star’s usual attire.

“Why Not?” indeed. Seriously, those drawers look like the kind of underwear “The Riddler” would wear, man. You know, if the Batman nemesis wears underwear. Who knows, right?

[H/T For the Win]