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Rangers fans make things right with trashed memorial with single flower (photo)


Earlier this week, some, but not all, Texas Rangers fans were made to look very, very bad after photos surfaced of how some of them used a memorial outside of Globe Life Park in Arlington as a trash receptacle.

The memorial, erected in 2012 in honor of all Rangers fans but specifically in respect to Shannon Stone, a fan who tragically fell to his death at the ballpark in 2011, in front of his own young son, no less, is located outside one of the gates at the stadium.

While it was mentioned in the reporting on the sad visual that garbage cans are sparsely located outside the ballpark due for security and safety reasons, the image nonetheless rankled many people, as it was viewed as a sign of disrespect to Stone’s memory.

The Rangers later apologized for what occurred, but as it is in this day and age of instant coverage and immediate response, all has not forgotten or forgiven so easily.

This undoubtedly caused some embarrassment for many Rangers fans, even though only a small proportion of ballpark attendees were responsible for the incident. Austin Leemer posted a story to his blog about his experience recently at a Rangers game and how it seems that fans have attempted to make things right with a touching gesture, people who probably were not responsible for what happened in the first place.

Via Big League Stew:

The Rangers have since apologized (though it was no fault of the organization), and I made the not-so-bold claim that the memorial would never be defaced again.  Texans hate a lot of [stuff], but at the top of the list is being made fun of or being embarrassed.  I pity the person who dares place some trash on the Stone memorial next.  Have you ever heard of mob rule?

Anyway, I was at the game tonight.  After a walk-off win (literally), my friend Peggy and I found ourselves in front of the statue on the way to our car.  No trash on it at all.  Only a single flower.  She took a photo, and it has since been retweeted by Yahoo! and others.  But will anyone write about this?  Doubtful, but I think I’m ok with that.  I’m mature enough to know that not all Dodgers fans are [bad people] like the ones who beat up Giants fan Bryan Stow.  And I feel very certain that the VAST majority of Rangers fans will police the heck out of that memorial from this day forward.

Well stated and completely accurate. It was only a small minority of Rangers fans who sadly discarded of their trash on the memorial. Leemer also posted a photo of the touching tribute to his Twitter account:

There you go. It’s a relief that Leemer took the time to draw attention to how the fans are doing their best not to let such a thing happen again. Kudos, good sir.