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Doppelganger of Paul MacLean sits behind Senators coach again (video)


The resemblance is uncanny. Once again, a man who is the spitting image of Ottawa Senators head coach Paul MacLean once again took his spot behind the bench during the team’s game against the New York Islanders on Wednesday night. Seriously, the two could be twins.

You have to wonder if MacLean’s doppelganger pays any attention to the game or just stares holes into the back of the coach’s head.

The side-by-side pairing of the two last occurred during the Ottawa’s Stanley Cup Playoffs series last year against the Montreal Canadiens, why not again? Although in that series, the Senators beat the Habs in five games. Last night, the team lost to the Islanders 2-1. Let’s not give up on these two just yet, although it is a near certainty that the Senators won’t be making the postseason this year. Hey, there’s always next season!