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A’s fan’s failed quest for souvenir ball results in concrete facial (GIF)

The lengths baseball fans are willing to go simply to get the chance at securing a souvenir ball can be mind-boggling. Take this Oakland A’s fan, for instance.

During Oakland’s game against Cleveland on Wednesday, Indians outfield Michael Brantley fouled off a pitch back up and over a bit behind home plate. The fan so desired the souvenir ball that he was willing to exchange face full of concrete in order to gain possession of the it.

Sadly, instead of the ball, he came perilously close to requiring reconstructive oral surgery as he completely eats concrete as a result of his failed efforts.

Better luck next time, sir. Fortunately, the damage doesn’t seem too severe so he likely will not need to consume all his meals through a straw after having his jaw wired shut. That’s nice.

[H/T Cut4]