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Eagles guard Evan Mathis posts evidence of $0.00 bonus check (photo)

Evan Mathis

The release of DeSean Jackson may have dominated the national attention as it pertains to the offseason of the Philadelphia Eagles as of late, but reports began to surface in late March that Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis may be on the trading block.

The trouble evidently began when Mathis, who signed a five-year, $25.5 million contract on March 17, 2012, reportedly asked for a raise sometime around the time of the Scouting Combine. This prompted the Eagles to float the idea of trading him.

Later, the thought that the Eagles would actually subtract another high-profile player from the roster was deemed much ado about nothing, according to Jeff McLane, Eagles beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Head coach Chip Kelly also seemed to debunk the notion that Mathis could be on his way out the door when asked about it recently.

“Do I worry about Evan? No,” Kelly said. “You wanna talk about work. That’s Evan Mathis. I don’t have to worry about him.

Still, considering the perceived acrimony that seemingly exists between Mathis and the Eagles organization, it probably ruffled the Eagles offensive lineman’s feathers a bit when he received a bonus check from the team, evidence of which he posted to his Instagram account.

Ouch. Mathis writes, “Hell yeah, just got my signing bonus.” Nice.

An accounting glitch or some other snafu must have occurred where a check for $0.00 was cut by the payroll department. Either that or the Eagles were attempting to send Mathis a message. Likely the former.

But before you feel too bad for Mathis, keep in mind that he is due $5.1 million this season and when he signed his deal he received a $5 million signing bonus as well as receiving a $1.1 million roster bonus in 2013.

So, yeah, Mathis is doing alright.

You may recall that Mathis is the player who pretended to urinate on a sign outside an Internal Revenue Service building last year in a demonstration of protest over the IRS allegedly targeted conservative groups for audits.


Don’t worry, Mathis. No taxes will be taken out of this check.

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