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Detroit Red Wings prospect smashed in mouth by puck tweets grisly results (photo)


If a person is going to be dumb enough to tweet out a selfie, follow the lead of Detroit Red Wings prospect Mitch Callahan: Make it worth it.

Callahan (who looked like what you see above before the incident in question) playing for the Grand Rapid Griffins in a game against the Iowa Wild in AHL action on Wednesday, was struck in the mouth by a shot from teammate Ryan Spoul as he was standing in front of Wild goaltender Johan Gustafsson. The shot rose and rose and rose some more, striking Callahan straight in the mouth.

As Callahan went down, the Griffins scored and then play obviously was stopped. Callahan remained on the ice for about 15 seconds before he was escorted out of the rink while holding a bloody towel to his face as teammates reportedly picked up four of his teeth off the ice. As seen above, he already was short at least two teeth of a full mouth, so those loose chiclets were valuable.

Back in the dressing room, Callahn showcased the gruesome aftermath of a puck-meeting-face incident, tweeting the below selfie (warning: very, very gruesome … not for the squeamish) before heading to the hospital.

Okay. Ready? Here we go.


GAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Good lord, man! Throw in a sweet sassy molassey in there for good measure.

Callahan’s in-game tweet, however, ran afoul of the Griffins head coach Jeff Blashill, who, when asked if he authorized the tweet, said, “No.”

“Shame on me for not having a more direct statement on that,” Blashill said, according to “But I just think we have to be real careful what we put out on social media.”

But had Callahan been careful, we likely never would have seen the immediate aftermath of being blasted in the face by a puck. And to be honest, aren’t we all the better for it?

Don’t answer that question.