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Derek Jeter won’t allow grown ass woman get souvenir ball meant for little kid (video)

Derek Jeter, the class act that he is, prevented a grown ass woman from snagging a souvenir ball that the New York Yankees captain specifically wanted to give to a little kid holding a Jeter sign.

Watch as Jeter strolls over to the seats at Minute Maid Park during New York’s game against the Houston Astros. With the highly coveted ball in hand, he indicates all the way exactly who won’t be getting the ball and who will despite a bunch of adults greedily posturing for a shot at the souvenir.

Still, one woman in particular continues to try to grab the ball, but Jeter plays keep-away until the little kid who Jeter deemed to the truly deserving recipient of the ball was able to secure it.

Good on Jeter.

Sadly, this kind of troubling behavior from grown ass adults who should know better occurs all too often at big league ballparks. See here. And here. Don’t forget about this one. Or this one, either. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sigh.

[H/T Jimmy Traina]