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First bad ‘official’ team anthem of MLB season belongs to the Atlanta Braves (video)

While it is unclear whether or not this is an “official team anthem” for the Atlanta Braves is unclear (there are appearances by FOX Sports South personalities, including the FSS Girls), one thing is for certain: “Chop Arm Strong” officially is the first entry in what undoubtedly will be several awful songs dedicated to major league teams throughout the season.

The phenomenon of “official” team anthems really ramps up come playoff time (to wit, this debacle), but Aaron Chewning comes storming out of the gate early with his ode to the Braves. It is definitely a rocking track, to be sure, but a team anthem is a team anthem is a team anthem.

If that’s not enough, would a cameo from none other than Jeff Foxworthy and Georgia governor Nathan Deal spark a little more interest? No? Fair enough.

To give credit where credit is due (sort of), a lot of effort appears to have gone into the song and the accompanying music video. The production quality is good, so that’s nice.

[H/T Hardball Talk]