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Wes Welker autographs head of young girl battling cancer (video/photos)


Wes Welker helped brighten the day of a brave young girl battling cancer by autographing her head during a recent visit to a hospital in Aurora, Colo.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver appeared at a celebrity chef charity event at Aurora’s Children’s Hospital when he met Delaney Clements, 11, who is fighting stage IV neuroblastoma.

Treatments made her hair fall out, but it gave her a great idea regarding what to ask Welker during their visit: She asked him to autograph her head.

Welker gladly obliged.


Video of the event, courtesy of 7News Denver:

Clements’ name may sound familiar as she was caught in the middle of a media firestorm after her friend, Kamryn Renfro, 9, shaved her head to show support for Delaney. Their school, Caprock Academy, told Renfro that the haircut violated the school’s dress code and would not be allowed back into class until her hair grew back. The enormous backlash that ensued in response to the school’s callous (but a clumsy interpretation of its policies) decision led Caprock Academy to reconsider and young Kamryn was allowed back to school after one day of missing classes.

But for young Delaney, at least she got to forget about things, even for just a second, thanks to Welker. She says she’s never washing her head again.

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