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Shelley Smith missed events during wedding weekend to sign with Dolphins


It’s safe to assume that new Miami Dolphins guard Shelley Smith’s new wife has the patience of a saint, nor is she one of those psychotic Bridezillas.

Smith revealed during his introductory news conference on Tuesday that he had to skip certain events during his wedding weekend in Phoenix to head to Miami in order to sign his deal with the Dolphins.

“It was an absolute whirlwind,” Smith said, according to The Palm Beach Post. “Me and my wife didn’t expect things to quite work out that way. I ended up missing my rehearsal dinner, I missed some different wedding events. But at the end of the day, it all worked out great. I made it back for my wedding day, I made the wife happy, and I got to sign with the Dolphins.”

Lucky man. Even the most understanding of brides would be left unhappy by her groom bailing to take care of some business.

Then again, most brides don’t have a future husband who will receive $1.5 million in guaranteed money over the two years and has the potential to earn $5.5 million over that time span. That can’t hurt.

And if she was upset? Well, after being a part-time player during the first four seasons with the Houston Texans and St. Louis Rams, at least she can take solace in the fact that her husband is likely to raise his profile a bit with Miami as it is believed he will assume a full-time starter’s role this upcoming season.

Behind every good man is a good woman and all that jazz.

Congrats to the newlyweds.

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