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Red Sox fan fails miserably with sign labeling Jacoby Ellsbury as a ‘trader’ (photos)


Sigh. A disgruntled and apparently spelling-challenged Boston Red Sox fan took in the New York Yankees-Houston Astros tilt at Minute Maid Park on Tuesday. Clearly still smarting — perhaps not the right word … ‘stupiding’? (okay, that just brings me down to her level) — from former BoSox star Jacoby Ellsbury signing a seven-year, $153 million contract in December with the hated Evil Empire, she elected to make her opinions known by bringing a neon green sign to the stadium in protest.

Unfortunately, her sign was rife with spelling errors. From misspelling “Ellsbury” to referring to him as a “trader” — a rehashing of the misused term other lame-brained Red Sox fans used in deploring the outfielder’s heinous defection — this sign is as sadly amusing as it is ludicrous, a misinformed interpretation of what constitutes loyalty as it relates to the business side of professional baseball.

The gal’s sideways-cocked camouflage Red Sox hat isn’t helping at all, either. But hey, despite the egregious spelling errors, the young lady displayed her sign throughout the game.


Sigh. Again.

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